Electrochemical corrosion

Recently, customers have been hearing complaints about a corrosion-damaged, newly installed water towel rail. It usually happens that the problem of corrosion does not disappear when the dryer is replaced by a new one. In this case, there is no point in replacing the dryers with new ones and the cause of the corrosion itself should be sought and eliminated.
From a practical point of view, it is known that corrosion can cause so-called “wandering currents” which are formed:

1. Improper grounding of bathroom appliances (eg washing machine). In this case, the electric charge generated on the device leaks through the pipeline and causes its corrosion.

2. In the apartment, part of the metal piping is replaced by plastic piping. When water flows through a plastic pipeline, an electric charge is generated, and in the absence of a grounding in the plastic piping, this electrical charge affects the devices. Typically these are towel dryers, blenders. Electric charge causes corrosion in the “weakest point” – the dryer welds. This occurs over time, a few weeks after the dryer is installed. Damage – brown holes – appear in the place of the dryer or coil weld seam.
The problem is that these “wandering currents” can form in a neighboring apartment and affect your bathroom appliances, which can be installed properly. Most often, such failures occur in multi-apartment buildings of old construction, where part of the metal piping is plastic and the issue of earthing is not taken care of.

Our advice as a manufacturer would be to install a coil from a seamless tube (but this would be like an experiment) or an electrically heated dryer.

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